The AMA at MDC is Miami Dade College's collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). The AMA is the largest trade association for marketing professionals across the globe. The AMA connects members to networking opportunities and cutting- edge educational programs that empowers students to succeed as business professionals and marketers. 

AMA at MDC aims to expose its student members to a variety of professional experiences. Our home institution is renowned for its multicultural student body. The campus is located in a major metropolis, giving it one of the most diverse student populations in the nation. Using our differences to shape our worldview and approaches, we believe in diverse backgrounds empowering students to harness their unique strengths. 

The AMA at MDC is housed at Wolfson's Campus and hosts a series of exciting events including a monthly Cafecito Break with a Marketer; this is held the second Thursday of the month, offering students the opportunity to engage in meaningful intimate conversations with accomplished professionals from the South Florida community. 

In addition, the group has developed a Professional Development Workshop program that helps the MDC student community at large develop their personal brand. The AMA's Collegiate community convenes at an annual national conference held in New Orleans, LA. Members have an opportunity to network with their peers from other institutions and compete in a variety of competitions including the prestigious AMA Case Study.


Miami Dade College's American Marketing Association chapter is committed to providing members with professional development, networking and opportunities for hands-on learning as marketing professionals. The chapter will achieve this mission by cultivating an inclusive environment that inspires members to tap into their unique diverse backgrounds, engaging with the South Florida community, and acquiring relevant real-world experience.